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No stranger to simultaneous engineering practices, Welding & Automation, Inc. is capable of providing excellence in the following services:

3D Design

Welding & Automation is capable of designing in 3D for the following categories: Machine, Tool & Die, Cam, Fixtures, and Simulations.

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Our seminars can be tailored to specific people, and their interests, or we can present our default format which is geared to, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and manufacturing technicians.

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Regardless of the level of experience and expertise that exists within any given corporation we all sometimes need to review our approach to manufacturing. Welding & Automation, offers consulting services to help in the selection of the proper materials for your resistance welding applications.

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Product Design & Manufacturability Studies

One of the most overlooked opportunities in the manufacturing industry is the reevaluation of existing product design and manufacturing efficiency. Do you have a product or manufacturing system that needs reevaluation? Partner with us. 

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Consulting, Design, & Seminars

From The Trusted Experts At Welding & Automation

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